The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part I Online Auction

April 28, 2016

LOT 27
American Glass (24 volumes)
  • American Glass (24 volumes)


American Glass (24 volumes)

Wilson, Kenneth, New England Glass & Glassmaking
Cohen, Wilfred, Wave Crest The Glass of C.F. Monroe, signed
Meassell, James & Smith Don, Findlay Glass
Innes. Lowell, Pittsburgh Glass 1797-1891
Barlow, Raymond & Kaiser, Joan, The Glass Industry in Sandwich Volume 3
Barlow, Raymond & Kaiser, Joan, A Guide to Sandwich Glass
Lee, Ruth Webb, Sandwich Glass
Lee, Ruth Webb, Sandwich Glass Handbook
Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. catalogue reprint
Weatherman, Hazel Marie, Fostoria Its First Fifty Years
Miller, Everett & Addie, The New Martinsville Glass Story, signed
Padgett, Leonard, Pairpoint Glass
Avila, George, The Pairpoint Glass Story
Bredehoft, Neila & Tom, Hobbs, Brockunier & Co., Glass Identification and Value Guide
Swan, Frank, Portland Glass
Measell, James & Roetteis, W.C. “Red”, The L.G. Wright Glass Company
Stout, Sandra McPhee, The Complete Book of McKee Glass
M’Kee and Brothers, M’Kee Victorian Glass
Felt, Tom & O’Grady, Bob, Heisey Candlesticks, Candelabra, and Lamps
Piña, Leslie & Gallagher, Jerry, Tiffin Glass 1914-1940
Revi, Albert Christian, American Cut and Engraved Glass,
Boggess, Bill & Louise, American Brilliant Cut Glass
Evers, Jo, The Standard Cut Glass Value Guide
Spillman, Jane Shadel & Farrar, Estelle Sinclair, The Cut and Engraved Glass of Corning 1868-1940
Spillman, Jane Shadel, White House Glassware

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