The Reference Library of Jonny’s Antiques – Part IV – Online Auction

December 08, 2016

LOT 16
Early Canadian Art & Prints (18 volumes)
  • Early Canadian Art & Prints (18 volumes)


Early Canadian Art & Prints (18 volumes)

Bell, Michael, Painters in a New Land
Harper, J. Russell, Early Painters and Engravers in Canada
Allodi, Mary, Canadian Watercolours and Drawings in the Royal Ontario Museum, two volumes in slipcase
Allodi, Mary, Printmaking in Canada, The Earliest Views and Portraits, signed
Allodi, Mary Macaulay et al, Berczy
Allodi, Mary Macaulay & Tovell, Rosemarie, An Engraver’s Pilgrimage, James Smillie in Quebec, 1821-1830
Jefferys, Charles, A Catalogue of the Sigmund Samuel Collection
Hubbard, R. H., Thomas Davies in Early Canada
Webster, Donald Blake, Georgian Canada, Conflict and Culture, 1745-1820
Spendlove, F. St. George, The Face of Early Canada
Grant, George Monro, Artistic Quebec
Greenhill, Ralph & Mahoney, Thomas, Niagara
Hachey, Paul, The New Brunswick Landscape Print, 1760-1880
Potter, Russell, Arctic Spectacles, The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1875
together with three pamphlets

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Realised: $180
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